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Building Extension

Why build an extension?

Most of us move because we want more space – a larger kitchen, an additional bedroom or a dining room for large parties. But when you factor in all your moving costs, from surveying and agent fees to stamp duty and transportation, jumping into your new home goes from fantasy to stressful inconvenience. Building a professional extension is an affordable option to increase your space without uprooting your life and family. Moreover, an extension can significantly increase the value of your property, provided it is well done. Your local real estate agent will be able to tell you if your extension will add value, which in turn will help you budget.

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Loft Conversion

Why is it worth considering a loft conversion?

People, in general, tend to check if their immediate needs are fulfilled when purchasing a house. But they forget to check if their future needs will be satisfied by the same house. Thus, in future, when their family starts to grow they face a scarcity of space. This scarcity of space forces them to think of moving into a new real estate property, which will cost more money without a doubt. Thereby, instead of searching for a newer property, it is easier to seek the help of qualified builders for a loft conversion, like our team Dario Building. Through loft conversion, you can easily add more space to the house to meet the demand for additional space to accommodate your family.


Refurbishment and it’s advantages

In recent years there has been a large increase in the refurbishment of old and vacant properties in preference to constructing new builds. A big positive aspect of refurbishing a house or building is that in some situations planning permission is not needed. Advances in modern day lifestyle, in terms of work and leisure, have led to larger numbers of buildings becoming outdated and redundant. In effect this has produced a large number of buildings which are ideal for refurbishment projects, or even conversion to suit new uses. In a large amount of the cases, the buildings themselves are structurally sound and well constructed, this, for some people tends to be deciding factor in favour of refurbishment. However, you should never judge a book by its cover.

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Summer House​

Advantages of getting a summer house

Are you thinking about sprucing up your garden and getting it ready for the warmer summer months? Wooden summer houses are extremely popular at the moment and are the perfect addition to any garden. Summer houses are essentially a wooden construction that comes with a range of cool features and designs. They have also become so sturdy and reliable that they can be used all year round! One of the great things about having a wooden summer house is that they are extremely energy efficient. This then means that you can hopefully save a lot on your electricity bills.


Why you need a new kitchen?

Designer kitchens are popping up all over television, social media, and the internet as one of the must-have elements of any Pinterest-worthy home. But still, so many homes have drab, outdated kitchens in desperate need of a makeover. Hence, a kitchen remodel is one home renovation project you’ll never forget. The kitchen truly is the gathering place of the home, where family and friends come together to eat, bond, and share quality time. If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen add value to your home, and a kitchen remodel is no exception. In fact, a kitchen remodel will add more value to your home than just about any updating project you could possibly do.

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Why you need a new bathroom?

Bathrooms are prone to daily wear and tear. But if you are finding that the ‘little’ issues in your bathroom, such as a cracked tile or a leaky tap are cropping up more and more, you might want to assess your options. While it’s normal to have one or two things you think could improve, if you’re making concessions for a range of maintenance tasks that are affecting the practicality of the bathroom and your personal enjoyment of it, this is a sure sign it’s time for a change. If you’re expecting a new addition to the household, it might be time to think about modernising your space to suit your needs. An expanding family means more demand on the bathroom. Maybe you want to install a larger bath or an additional sink to make bedtime routines more manageable. Alternatively, if the kids are heading the opposite way and you’re facing the prospect of an empty nest, you might want to upgrade your bathroom to suit a quieter and more individualistic lifestyle.

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If you cannot find a solution to your problem or you are looking for something interesting in the construction industry. Just call us or write an e-mail. We will help you solve your problem, advise or find a solution together.